Solid Sterling Silver Replacement Program

Fraternity and Sorority members love their rings and LOVE to show them off.  That being said, they wear them often.

Sometimes gold plating is the ideal solution when choosing your ring material.  Someone who is going to wear the ring on special occasions or ceremonies will have no problem enjoying their plated ring for years.  However, even the best plating eventually tarnishes and wears off; it is just the nature of the process of electroplating.

Not everyone is willing to jump to the sterling silver plated rings right away possibly because of the cost or because of uncertainty around the quality of our products.

For this we have the Solid Sterling Silver Replacement Program (SSSRP).  

What is the SSSRP?

The SSSRP is our way of ensuring that our best products get on the hands of our customers.  

Solid metal rings are far superior to plating in durability and can be treasured forever without the fear of tarnishing or fading.

Use what you paid for your plated ring as credit towards the solid sterling version of the same ring.

For example, if you ordered a personalized Kappa Alpha Psi Shine Series ring in size 10, we will give you credit for what you paid for the ring minus discounts and apply that to the cost of the same ring in solid sterling silver.

Silver KAP Shine Ring $399.99 - Plated KAP Shine Ring $189.99 = $210.00

All rings are eligible for an upgrade credit within one year of the original purchase date.

We want to be the greatest fraternity ring and sorority ring producer in the market and implementing programs like these insure that you are only wearing the best quality jewelry possible within an affordable price range.

Please email if you are interested in an upgrade.

If you want to place the order for your upgrade, you can do it here!